Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quote of the Day: Kathleen Parker - Romney's A Cyborg

I will admit it.  I love seen the greedy, out of touch, arrogant, empathy free  Mitt Romney getting slammed from all sides among the GOP intelligentsia - to the extent one still exists after the mass exodus of thinking conservatives from the GOP - for his callousness and downright stupidity for saying what he really thinks to a $50,000 per plate crowd of millionaires in Boca Raton.  One comment that sums up Romney well is one by Kathleen Parker in her column in the Washington Post:

Romney’s comments sounded callous and merciless, and will haunt him through the election. They also revealed something we hadn’t previously seen. Unguarded, Romney is no compassionate conservative. At his core, he is . . . a cyborg.

[H]umans, not machines, vote and win elections. For good or ill, voters want their president to be caring if not paternal. Smart politicians return in kind  .   .   .  .  Romney is not that person. Dry-eyed and awkward, he was born lucky and seems to lack the empathy born of struggle.

The issue going forth isn’t whether voters’ feelings are hurt. The question is whether the cyborg can see that the problems he’s solving actually involve people.

Ouch!!!  Sometimes the truth hurts and Romney needs to start living in the real world and start to understand that most of us don't belong to the swankest country clubs and gathers of millionaires and it is through no fault of our own.  

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