Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vacation Preparation Madness

On Friday afternoon the husband and I and several friends are setting sail on the Carnival Sunshine (pictured above) on a cruise out of Norfolk to Nassau, the Dominican Republic and Grand Turk before returning to Norfolk eight days later.  As seems to be the norm when we travel, we are engaged in frenzied preparations, both at work and on the home front to be ready for what we hope will be a relaxing trip.  At work, as seems always to be the case, I am working to complete work and put out fires.  Naturally, I will have my laptop with me and be checking office e-mail regularly. 

At home, we had to find a new house sitter to stay at our home and babysit the two dogs.  Unlike in 2013, we will not be holding a political fundraiser at our home the day before we sail (we held an event for Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring in 2013).

As I have done in the past, I will be posting about our trip and my views on news events and all things gay. Posting frequency may well be reduced.

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