Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quote of the Day: The Vatican Is All About Money

As many news outlets have reported, including The Guardian, the Vatican has sought to ban Catholics who choose to be cremated from having their ashes scattered or kept in family homes in urns, etc. A blogger friend, Tony Adams who is a former Catholic priest who once served at the Vatican gets to the heart of what truly motivates this move, and its not points of theology:
Want to know why the Catholic Church is mandating that cremated remains be placed in a consecrated cemetery? When I was a brand new assistant pastor of a Connecticut parish, my pastor advised me to choose a parish that owned a cemetery when it came time for me to become the pastor of my own parish. He said cemeteries are huge money-makers. Current increase in cremation and private disposition of ashes cuts off a revenue stream that the Catholic Church has enjoyed for ages. It's always about the money.

Money - and the power to control the lives of others - have always been the true twin gods of the Vatican and the Catholic Church hierarchy.  One of the many reasons I left Catholicism. 

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