Sunday, February 08, 2015

Papal Backed Anti-Gay Referendum Fails in Slovakia

Yesterday Slovaks went to the polls to vote on among other things an anti-gay referendum backed by Pope Francis - yes, the same Francis who has caused delusional Catholics like Andrew Sullivan to foolishly think the Catholic Church might actually move form its 13th century views on gays. and human sexuality  Thankfully, the referendum failed miserably and proved yet again that the Vatican is increasingly out of step with those living in touch with objective reality.  Pink News has details.  Here are highlights:

Slovakia’s referendum to ban same-sex marriage and adoption has been declared invalid, as it failed to meet the required turnout.

The central European country went to the polls yesterday to vote on measures that would reinforce the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, ban same-sex adoption, and block schools from teaching sex education classes if parents object.

Due to the wording of the referendum, the only choices were either adopting new anti-gay measures or not – there was no option to actually allow same-sex marriage and adoption in the country.

[T]he entire poll has today been declared invalid, as the turnout for the referendum was just 21.4% – well below the 50% required to pass the measures.  Equality groups had encouraged people to boycott the vote, meaning the measure was favoured by 90% of those who did turn out.

A statement from gay rights group ILGA-Europe says: “Today’s result confirms that the electorate saw through the homophobic propaganda and were not willing to be part of a movement that discriminates against their fellow citizens.

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