Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Alabama GOP: God Will Destroy America Over Same-Sex Marriage

The batshitery and insanity coming out of Alabama or more particularly the Alabama Republican Party seems to be increasing hourly.  As I've done before, I cannot help but wonder WTF happened to the state where I lived for four years.  If the Christofascists in Virginia have working control of the Virginia GOP, in Alabama the Christofascist take over of the Republican Party seems to be total.  How else to explain the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party authoring a spittle flecked rant  on the Party website that claims that God will destroy America because of gay marriage.  Here's a sampling of Alabama GOP chairman Bill Armistead on on the official Party website (Note: Armistead ignores the fact that the human genome project has confirmed that Adam and Eve never existed):
One of the basic truths that was revealed in the oldest of Scriptures is found in Genesis 1:27 where God created a man – Adam – and a woman – Eve. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”. Scripture then teaches that “a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). This is God’s word. This is God’s truth.

So, how is it that God’s truth can be turned on its head as the debate now rages in Alabama regarding the meaning of marriage? The answer is that we, as a society, have become our own god. We have made God in our image. But, God will not be mocked. The State of Alabama and the United States of America will reap God’s wrath if we embrace and condone things that are abhorrent to God, such as redefining marriage as anything other than a union between one man and one woman.

We now find ourselves embroiled in a legal battle here in Alabama concerning the definition of marriage because one appointed federal judge has ordered that a marriage certificate be given to two women who want to be married. The state has appealed the ruling all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking a stay in the case so that more clarity can be given to officials in the state regarding the issuing of marriage certificates.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to issue a stay in the case.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, a staunch defender of Alabama’s Constitution, has directed the state’s Probate Judges to abide by our Constitution which prohibits the issuance of marriage license to same-sex couples. Moore also has also released a letter to Governor Bentley saying he intends to continue to recognize the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and urges the governor to do the same.

God’s word never changes, and neither should our defense of His truths. Though we are being tested, we will stand true to our principles and fight for the rights of the states. I thank those elected officials who are standing with us to defend those truths we hold on high.
Obviously, if Armistead is supporting disobedience of federal court orders and refusing to recognize actions by the U.S. Supreme Court, it is time for him to resign as chair of the Alabama GOP.  It may also be time for him to face contempt charges. 

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