Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Red Herring in the Christian Persecution Meme

Almost anywhere one turns it is possible to hear the myth of Christian persecution being disseminated.  The real issue as mentioned before on this blog is not that Christians in America are undergoing any actual persecution but rather that their ability to persecute others is being seriously eroded.  And in the minds of the "godly folk," a decreased ability to harm and oppress others equated to persecution.  A post on Andrew Sullivan's blog falls into the trap of Christians not being to trample over others or not forcing others to subsidize their discrimination as being a threat to Christofascists' religious liberty.  Here is an excerpt from the post:
A reader writes:

You are right that much of the Christian self-pity on the issue of homosexuality is pathetic. However, events on university campuses (which can herald broader cultural shifts) suggest that things are moving faster than perhaps you realize.

The debate right now surrounds Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that have access to campus facilities and even funding. Christian RSOs are facing de-recognition (or have been de-recognized) because of their discriminatory policy on homosexuality. Here’s the problem: most of these Christian RSOs allow any student to join and become members, but they require that the student leaders agree with the organization’s statement of faith. I don’t have to belabor the point. You recognize how insane it is to require a religious organization to not discriminate based on religion in its selection of leaders. In 2012, Vanderbilt went ahead and de-recognized 13 Christian RSOs for requiring that the student leaders agree with their basic beliefs. Other schools have followed suit.

The critical language that Andrew's reader ignores are these: "Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that have access to campus facilities and even funding. Christian RSOs are facing de-recognition . . . . "  No one is interfering with the "religious liberty of these Christian RSO's.  They are free to do whatever they  - so long as they are not asking other students, including those they discriminate against, to directly or indirectly underwrite their activities and, by extension, their discrimination.   Sadly, it is yet another example of the Christofascists wanting special rights that are not available to others.  The bottom line is that if you want to discriminate and engage in bigotry, do not expect others to subsidize it.

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