Monday, July 01, 2013

More Hampton Single Class Regatta Photos

The photos I posted from Saturday's Hampton Single Class sailing races were taken with my new smart phone which I am admittedly still learning to use after having a 7 year old Nokia that refused to die.    Some other members of the HYC Sonar crews with better photographic equipment and far superior skills took far better pictures, a few of which I wanted to share.  What follows is a selection of a few more of these photos:
Five of the six Sonar class boats owned by HYC

Another good shot of the Sonar class boats
The weather early in the day was less than pretty
Our wonderful sailing director who keeps us organized
Am I hooked on sail boat racing?  Most definitely.  The next step will be to get the boyfriend to help crew in future races.

I will admit that I was a little apprehensive when we first joined the Hampton Yacht Club, but now I have no regrets and I hope our membership (and that of a gay couple down the street from us) will inspire other local LGBT individuals to join.  Pushing the envelop if you will can be scary, but the rewards can be amazing.  And it is the best way to open hearts and minds.

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