Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Barna Research Group: Atheists Divorce Less, Commit Fewer Crimes Than Christians

Today's posts may seem disproportionately rough on "godly Christians," but there just seems to be a plethora of stories that underscore the hypocrisy and batshit craziness of the so-called Christian Right.  As a number of previous posts have set forth, states with gay marriage have lower divorce rates than anti-gay Bible Belt states.  Likewise, studies have shown that evangelical Christians have the highest divorce rates of any religious groups/denomination.  Now, a new study by the Barna Research Group - a conservative Christian organization - confirms that atheists have a lower divorce rate than the "godly Christian" crowd.   Here are highlights via The New Civil Rights Movement:

An Evangelical Christian pollster finds that atheists commit less crimes, divorce less, and are better educated than their fellow Christians. “It is obvious that you do not have to believe in a higher power in order to live a moral and successful life. Quite the opposite,” the Knoxville News‘ Al Westerfield writes of the study, adding that “the groups with the highest crime rate, the poorest marriages and the lowest education continually strive to force their beliefs on the nonreligious. And the politicians pander to them. Why else would they pass laws to put religion in the schools and on courthouse facades? And then they wonder why the godless could possibly be upset.”

“According to a Barna Research Group report, fundamentalist Christians have the highest divorce rate, followed by Jews and Baptists,” Westerfield writes:

The godless are tied with Catholics and Lutherans for the lowest divorce rate. It seems that some groups that claim to follow the Bible most strictly are not putting their money where their mouths are. The godless who are thought to be without morals seem to take their vows more seriously.

Some groups seem to like their flocks ignorant so that pastors’ interpretations of God’s edicts are not questioned. Other groups prize scholarship and achieve more in their lives here on Earth.

In fact, a review of worldwide studies found that criminality and religion go hand in hand. The countries with the most religious people have the highest crime rates, highest sexually transmitted diseases and the highest teen pregnancy rates.
This is also true in the United States. The more religious a state’s population, the higher the crime, STD and teen pregnancy rates.

The hypocrisy is mind numbing.  Why do politicians give a damn about what these ignorant, promiscuous and  obviously unfaithful folks have to say about anything?  Oh, I forgot.  These folks are today' Republican Party.

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