Sunday, August 03, 2008

ACCESS AIDS Care Fundraiser

Some friends - a nice gay couple - hosted a fundraiser last night at their beautiful home on a tranquil lake in Virginia Beach to benefit ACCESS AIDS Care which provides services and programs to children, adults and their families infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. These services include but are not limited to case management, housing, transportation, outreach, meals, daycare and HIV testing. It is a wonderful organization and one in which I plan to become more involved. The party was fantastic and had a huge turn out. The attendees included some of the usual Sunday afternoon crowd that congregates by the pool at my friends' home most weekends for insane volleyball tournaments - the usual get together is on for today - plus scores of others.
The theme was "Risky Business" and there were lots of Tom Cruise wanna be folks in atendance, complete with their oxford shirts and white briefs for the Tom Cruise look a like contest. One of my paralegals and his boyfriend attended and seemed to have a good time. The crowd was predominantly older, but Matt and Rob both seemed comfortable and ended up in the pool as did most people before the evening was over. Much to my pleasant surprise, the new potential love interest in my life showed up too. Since he lives in Hampton on the other side of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, I had not expected to see him, but he apparently had hoped I would be at the function. He rode over with friends after they had previously been to a birthday function on their side of the water. All and all, it was a wonderful function and no doubt raised a good amount of money for a very worthy cause.
Afterwards, some of us went to The Wave for some dancing and as a result, I am moving a little slow today. :) Especially since I slipped while dancing - someone spilled a drink on the smooth steel dance floor which makes it as slick as glare ice - and I managed to mess up my lower back, although I avoided the embarrassment of wiping out completely. Nothing worse than looking like you're sh*tfaced when you're not.

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