Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hey, ‘Wrinkly, White-Haired Guy’

John McCain's campaign may have thought it funny when they made an anti-Obama ad using images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears , but Paris - of whom I am hardly a fan - seems to have one-upped McCain with her own ad (watch it here) and McCain has ultimately become the but of his own joke. Even Paris' mother who is a McCain contributor has derided McCain's ad which obviously did nothing to address the critical issues facing the nation. Here are highlights from, hardly a liberal news outlet:

Washington (AP) - Attention, America: Paris has spoken. Paris Hilton, the blonde, doe-eyed celebrity thrust into the presidential campaign in an ad by Republican candidate John McCain, issued a tart rebuttal Tuesday, albeit in a scantily clad, tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

Hilton initially shied away from the debate over the ad and its effectiveness. But she responded Tuesday with a spoof on the comedy Web site Funny or Die."Hey America, I'm Paris Hilton and I'm a celebrity, too. Only I'm not from the olden days and I'm not promising change like that other guy. I'm just hot," Hilton said, speaking as she reclined in a pool chair in a revealing bathing suit and a pair of pumps. "But then that wrinkly, white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which I guess means I'm running for president. So thanks for the endorsement white-haired dude."

Hilton's mother, who with her husband donated $4,600 to McCain's campaign earlier in the year, has said McCain's ad is "a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs."

Hilton's rebuttal includes plenty of humor at McCain's expense.An announcer calls him "the oldest celebrity in the world, like super-old, old enough to remember when dancing was a sin and beer was served in a bucket," and asks, "but is he ready to lead?" Hilton's spoof also intersperses images of McCain and Yoda from Star Wars and the cast of television's "The Golden Girls."

Kudos to Paris for giving McCain a bit of his own medicine. I suspect that before it's over, her ad will have more viewers than McCain's.

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