Friday, August 08, 2008

2 'Gay' Corporals Walk Into a Bar

That's the title of an op-ed over at the Christianist run WingNut Daily (a/k/a World Net Daily) authored by reported former gay porn star/gay escort Matt Sanchez (pictured at center in the picture at right which I edited to make it SFW) who is/was a Marine and currently a darling of the truly fruit loops crowd among the fundies. At this point, it hard to tell who is/are the bigger prostitute(s) - Sanchez, whose "work" can be seen here (Caution very NSFW) or the folks at Wingnut Daily.
I'm not quite sure why Wingnut Daily is now resorting to columns by someone who appeared in such memorable "art films" as Jawbreaker, Donkey Dick, Glory Holes Of Fame 3, and Touched by an Anal: Four Hours of Heavenly Anal Action, other than maybe they realize that trotting out the same old tired ex-gays for pay is becoming boring even for the most unbalanced of their readers. Of course, another explanation may be that there are so many tortured closet cases amongst the Christianist crowd - think Robert Knight, Peter LaBarbera, etc. - that Sanchez titillates their inner gay and thus boosts Wingnut Daily's readership.
I sure the thought of someone like Sanchez "embedded" with our troops must have Elaine Donnelly on the verge of the vapors or an orgasm or both. These people are truly living in some bizarre alternative universe.

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