Friday, August 08, 2008

Incorrigible Angel - Part 3

I spoke with my incorrigible angel late last night - we talk at a late hour every night and have missed talking daily perhaps only once or twice since late March - and he remains as selfless as ever. He's a very private individual, so suffice it to say I cannot divulge any details of his circumstances other than to say that he is undergoing arduous trails and tribulations currently. Nonetheless, when we speak his first concerns are about me: how am I doing, am I OK, did I have a good day, whether or not a new love interest in my life called me that day (of late the answer to that latter question is yes!).
Most individuals confronted with what he's going through would be totally self-absorbed, but not my incorrigible angel who cracks risque jokes and engages in outrageous commentary just to make me break out laughing out loud. I usually endeavor to return the silliness and I suspect anyone over hearing our conversations without hearing both sides of the conversation and knowing all the circumstances might think us crazy or obscene. When I get him laughing out loud, it is such music to my ears. There is so little I can do for him at the moment other than to give him my heart and assurances that "I won't let go, I promise to never let go." Never ever. However long these current trials may be, I will be there for him - and for someone else very special who has angelic traits herself - as he is for me.
Close friendship is always something special, but in my incorrigible angel, I have found and invaluable friendship that appeared one day in my life outwardly from out of nowhere (he'd say it's because he's my guardian angel sent to watch over me). He sees my better self, understands my heart, touches me daily, and extends constant love and encouragement no matter what. He's a loving and caring friend/observer who has added much to my life yet remains ever self-depreciating and far too humble. Would that he could see his better self as I see him. I tell him that any good he sees in me is merely a reflection of the good in him. He has added magic to my life and I'm sure the lives of all with whom he's come in contact even if he cannot see it. He is a most special and wonderful person. I love my incorrigible angel now and always.

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