Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Gay Wedding Celebration

Yesterday evening two of my best friends in the world, Martin and Christopher, had their long delayed wedding reception/celebration at Tower Hill located in Cape Charles on Virginia's Easter Shore. Photos of the house which dates from 1746 are posted below. They were married hastily last year in Canada so that Christopher's mother Cissi could be at their wedding given her failing health and losing battle to leukemia. Sadly, she lost her battle on August 25, 2007, and the world lost one of the greatest ladies I have ever known. In the wake of her death and with the demands of starting their architecture firm, Equal Spaces, P. C., the time wasn't right for such a celebration. It all came together last night, however, in the form of a wonderful event held at Tower Hill overlooking the scenic creek that flows out into the Chesapeake Bay. Cissi was most certainly at the event last night in spirit and in the form of large prints of photos taken at the wedding ceremony in Niagara Falls last summer. I wish Martin and Christopher every happiness and much success in life. They have been invaluable friends to me in my journey to self-acceptance.
One interesting aside is that among the guests were a couple that used to be my neighbors in my closet/married phase of my life. Their sons in fact were among my son's good friends and I even had drafted the construction contract for when they built their home. I also knew the wife's brother who was a local banker. I recently re-connected with him through and discovered that he too had come out of the closet not too many years back. We had a great time talking and catching up on things and what our respective children were doing. Needless to say they are gay supportive.
All in all, it was a wonderful evening attended by many other friends and the families of the wedding couple. For me, it underscored the beauty of true love and commitment.

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Anonymous said...

And last night, here in CA, we attended the wedding of two gay men, and it was one of the happiest celebrations ever! We're so proud of these guys and find their commitment and love inspiring! Hooray!