Monday, August 04, 2008

Hottest Bartenders

This post is aimed at just general entertainment if you will. I typically do not read the Virginian Pilot in detail since any non-local news coverage has all too frequently been covered by larger newspapers from one to three days earlier except where a national story somehow has a connection with the area. Thus, during my morning skim of the local headlines I was surprised to come across a title that read "Hottest Bartenders - Charlie from Luna Maya." You see, Luna Maya is a unique South American restaurant in the Ghent area of Norfolk less than a block from my office which has been wrtitten up in the New York Times as follows:
This little creation of Bolivian-born sisters Karla and Vivian Montano brings the delightful flavors of Latin America to Ghent. Although burritos and tamales outnumber dishes from Bolivia and Argentina, this is no refried-bean joint. Try a shrimp or chorizo burrito, and you'll see what I mean. Vegetarians get at least four choices here daily.
Even a bigger coincidence is that Charlie, the hottest bartender nominee, is a client of mine (I did a real estate closing for him) and friend. And yes indeed, he is very cute in my opinion. Moreover, he is a really nice guy. You can decide for yourself by clicking here.

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Java said...

Charlie - more cute than hot, but it works. Is he family?