Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Thank You" to a Reader

While going through today's mail, I was surprised to find a USPS Mail envelop that contained a note form a reader - Ken in the mid-west USA - and a calendar of "Men of Hawaii." The note indicated that Ken had been reading my blog from Hawaii where he was attending a company function and that he "thought I might enjoy something to brighten the day. . . . Enclosed please find a bit of sunshine from Paradise."

I truly want to thank Ken for his thoughtfulness. He and many of you have been such a source of support, especially during the more recent divorce nightmare. I cannot convey how much the many messages of support and concern that I receive mean to me and what a help they are during dark times. Thank you Ken and each and everyone of you. It means a lot to have friends literally around the world.
P.S. The guys in the calendar are VERY beautiful.

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