Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Venezuela Moves To Protect Gays In New Constitution

It is becoming almost a farce as to the way the United States - the self advertised land of liberty and freedom - is falling further and further behind the curve in protecting the civil legal rights of all its citizens. Countries formerly considered third world or banana republics are showing more respect for the rights of their LGBT citizens than the land of liberty. Now this from Venezuela ( while the Christianists in this country seek constitutional amendments to deprive citizens of rights:
(Caracas) Venezuela may become the first nation in South America to constitutionally protect its citizens on the basis of sexuality. The government has been examining a call by President Hugo Chavez's plan to rewrite the country's constitution. The Chavez-controlled National Assembly this week approved amendments that would add sexual orientation to the categories protected under human rights. The issue had already received the OK of various committees, signaling the measure was likely to gain approval of the Assembly.

Among those speaking passionately in favor of the measure was Rep. Iris Varela from the state of Tachira. The section of the proposed constitution also would include a ban on discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age and health condition.

I do not trust Chavez on any number of issues, but on this, he is pushing for the right thing.

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