Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dr. Laura son linked to lurid Web page

Why is it that some of the folks who most think the rest of us should live according to their child-rearing and other dictates seem to have no business directing others since their own children are either truly f**ked up or the exact opposite of what their parents are marketing? In terms of gays, Dr. Laura is only one of many who condemn homosexuality and often try to blame bad parenting and bad home situations for people being gay. Yet they themselves have gay children or children who obviously are not models of normalcy in other ways. Others include Randall Terry (Operation Rescue), Beverly LeHaye (Concerned Women for America), Phyllis Schlafly (Eagle Forum), Alan Keyes (former political candidate), all of whom have gay children, but want to tell parents how to raise children that will be straight. Shouldn't they be the last ones to give advice since they obviously failed under their own standards in properly raising their own children? Here are some highlights from a story involving Dr. Laura's son (

The soldier son of talk radio relationship counselor Laura Schlessinger is under investigation for a graphic personal Web page that one Army official has called "repulsive." The MySpace page, publicly available until Friday when it disappeared from the Internet, included cartoon depictions of rape, murder, torture and child molestation; photographs of soldiers with guns in their mouths; a photograph of a bound and blindfolded detainee captioned "My Sweet Little Habib"; accounts of illicit drug use; and a blog entry headlined by a series of obscenities and racial epithets. The site is credited to and includes many photographs of Deryk Schlessinger, the 21-year-old son of the talk radio personality known simply as Dr. Laura. Broadcast locally on 570 KNRS, "Family Values Talk Radio," the former family counselor spends three hours daily taking calls and offering advice on morals, ethics and values. She broadcast a show from Fort Douglas, in Salt Lake City, last week.

Deryk Schlessinger's Web site indicated the 21-year-old soldier is stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where, the site's author writes, "godless crazy people like me," have become "a generation of apathetic killers." The site indicated Schlessinger's team has survived numerous mortar, rocket and roadside bomb attacks. It also included several graphic cartoons. In one of the stick drawings, a top-hatted man laughs as he rapes a bound and bleeding woman in front of her family. In another depiction, a man forces a boy to perform oral sex at knife point as the child's mother pleads for her son's life.


Unknown said...

"People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones" has never been truer in this day and age.

What's the old saying, "Those of you who have not sinned cast the first stone".

Many stone throwers should go and collect their stones back.

I can't help but feel some glee over this.

Anonymous said...

Sex and the Catholic Church -- very interesting points about how people retain faith and have healthy physical relationships. Just thought you'd like to know ...