Thursday, October 18, 2007

House Republicans uphold Bush's veto of SCHIP, vote to deny health coverage to millions of American kids

The GOP continues to kiss the Chimperator's ass. Who cares about poor children and other children lacking health care. After all, they and their parents don't make big campaign contributions, so they are off the GOP's radar screen. Hopefully, this brazen indifference to the neediest of American citizens will bite the GOP in the ass next year's elections. I love the GOP excuse: it is too expensive. Never mind that the Iraq War is a financial black hole and that outfits like Halliberton and Blackwater are raking in billions in taxpayer funds. Here are some highlights from CNN (

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- House Democrats on Thursday failed to override President Bush's veto of a children's health insurance bill that opponents said was too expensive. By a vote of 273 to 156, the measure fell 13 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed for an override. Forty-four Republicans voted for the override.
Democrats, sensing earlier that they didn't have the votes, vowed to continue the fight, despite a defeat. The issue has ignited an intense two-week struggle on Capitol Hill after Bush vetoed the proposed five-year expansion and $35 billion spending increase. Bush proposes increasing the program by $5 billion. Before the vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke of a middle-class family caring for a child with a birth defect, asking lawmakers: "So when the president wants to have 4 or $5 billion for children in this initiative, is he the one, the decider, who wants to go to that family and say, 'Your child is out'?" "We're lobbying for all of the children," said the California Democrat.

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