Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Moments of Fame Perhaps - Or Not

I will be in two upcoming films. The first is being shot by a local guy and some friends who previously shot a crazy movie called "One Crazy Night" which is something on the order of a John Waters film - crazy plot and even crazier characters. In any event, a sequel is being made and yours truly will appear as what else? An attorney for a will reading. My film debut is short and too the point. Hopefully, I will not come across as a complete dork. Another friend and client of mine has been filmed for the sequel as well, playing the role of a mortgage banker. At least I will have company in the insanity. I am not sure of the completion date. The first movie is available on Amazon.com
My second appearance on screen will be in a documentary that Wayne Besen, author of "Anything But Straight," is making dealing with the exposure of phony ex-gays. My segment will no doubt involve the unmasking of Michael Johnston, a high level national ex-gay and former minion of Jerry Falwell among others. The original story that showed Johnston to be a complete fraud can be found here: http://www.washingtonblade.com/2003/8-8/news/national/exgay.cfm Amazingly, even though word was out about Johnston's "moral fall" among big names in the Christian Right prior to the article, places like Coral Ridge Ministries kept on selling Johnston's tapes and videos, etc. up until the day the story broke. God forbid they miss collecting a few extra dollars.

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