Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Morning Musings

The roommates and I went out to a club last night for a birthday event of a drag queen that they know. Since I generally prefer dance clubs where it is non-stop dancing, I usually don't go to the clubs that spend half the night on drag performances. Plus, I am spoiled inasmuch as my favorite dance club is 6 blocks from home as opposed to a 25 minute drive away.

But it was a change of pace and an opportunity to meet new people. One drag queen (who is a male nurse by day) stood out head and shoulders above the others because she truly came across as a very nice looking woman - albeit rather tall - as opposed to those who look more like a garish caricature of a woman. I am often dumbfounded by some who do drag - I'd look like a better woman than they do, and believe me, that is NOT saying much. I'd make one ugly bitch even if I'm not overweight. I just do not understand what possesses them to do drag. The up side of it all was that by staying out late and downing a couple of shots - one of the roomies was driving - I had a good night sleep and actually slept in until the Chihuahua decide he HAD to go out.

Sleeping in, combined with a gorgeous day has certainly bolstered my mood. I am going to do some work at the office - including writing an article on "Short Sales" - i.e., where a mortgage company accepts a reduced pay off on the loan of a distressed borrower in lieu of proceeding to foreclosure - and then try to enjoy some of the beautiful day. With the continued stagnation of the real estate market and the upward adjustment of monthly loan payments on adjustable rate loans, "short sales" will be a growth market niche for many months ahead. Most Realtors are clueless as to how the process works. Thus, enter moi.

October is perhaps the most beautiful month in this area - warm days, cool nights and very little humidity after the often oppressive humidity of summer. One of the nicest places to hike this time of year is First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, so named because it is where the Jamestown colony settlers first landed before proceeding into Chesapeake Bay and then up the James River to the site of Jamestown. I find the Cypress swamps very beautiful, especially with the Spanish Moss that blankets some of the trees. A photo is posted above.

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