Thursday, January 08, 2015

Quote of the Day: Bob Felton Sums Up the Treat of Religious Fundamentalism

The events in Paris have prompted many to wonder what could make anyone commit the gristly murders of 12 people in Paris, including a wounded policeman who was shoot as if he were an animal.  The answer, of course, is fundamentalism and an attack on modernity and logic and reason themselves.  Bob Felton to me sums up the treat that religious fundamentalist - both Christian and Islamic - pose to the world:

Whatever animates fundamentalists — domestic or foreign — they pose an existential threat to civilization itself, and they must be defeated. No deference, then — ever. No polite pretense of a respect they haven’t earned. No polite pretense that they have access to especial ethical insights. No polite pretense that they are part of the great and ancient continuum of human effort and human intelligence and human goodwill that delivered men from primordial terrors when that is, in fact, the destination and dead-end of their Bronze Age ideology.

He's 100% right on the error of giving any deference to the adherents of fundamentalist religious belief.  They deserve none and need to become worldwide pariahs. 

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