Friday, September 27, 2013

Restarining Order Issued Against E.W. Jackson For Alleged Murder Threat

"Bishop" Jackson - certifiable loon?

In a brief editorial the Richmond Times Dispatch - one of the most conservative newspapers in Virginia - basically said that "Bishop" E.W. Jackson was a religious extremist and unfit for office.  And that was before Politico published its bombshell that in 2006 a court issued a restraining order after Jackson threatened to murder his daughter's roommate.  That's right, the bogus "bishop" threatened to kill someone.  Jackson is the quintessential dream candidate of The Family Foundation - which ought to speak volumes as to why (i) candidates should never be selected via a state convention rather than a primary, and (ii) the Christofascists need to be driven from the Republican Party.  Here are highlights from Politico:

E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, was accused in 2006 of threatening the life of his daughter’s roommate, according to a Belmont, Mass., police report and a separate temporary restraining order filed in Middlesex County Court.

Those two documents, shared with POLITICO by a source opposed to Jackson’s election, detail the surprise GOP nominee’s involvement in an explosive personal feud involving his daughter and two other women. The roommate took out restraining orders against both E.W. Jackson and a third party . . .

The incident is the latest twist in a candidacy that’s been highly unorthodox from the start, and highlights the minimal scrutiny Jackson received before the state party’s stunning vote to nominate him last spring for lieutenant governor.

A candidate who had been taken more seriously during the primary would likely have had to address his past involvement in such a sensational legal episode prior to winning the nomination. Jackson, a fiery conservative preacher known for his incendiary rhetoric, electrified delegates at the state convention and snatched the nomination from several better-known candidates.

On April 10, four short-term restraining orders were issued by civil courts in Middlesex County and Malden, Mass. The Middlesex County Superior Court granted a temporary restraining order against Jackson and a third party to Jackson’s daughter’s roommate, to be adjudicated at a later date. The dueling restraining order requests mirror each other in some respects, featuring alleged threats of violence and invasions of privacy in multiple directions.
The issue of the restraining order isn't the only reason why Jackson is unfit for office.  Here's a quote from the Richmond Times Dispatch editorial:
E.W. Jackson, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, says humans who do not accept Jesus follow “some sort of false religion.” Many Christians probably agree with him. Many believers of other faiths apply a comparable standard to their religion, too.

Although Jackson spoke in a church, his words were inappropriate for a political candidate seeking a secular office. He is not running for bishop. Even if he were, his attitudes would attract opposition from co-religionists.
Of course, Jackson did not run for bishop.  He set up his own motley church and gave himself the title of "bishop."

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