Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pope Says Cause of Sex Abuse Scandal a "Mystery"

The utter lies and batshitery that emanate from the Vatican and the Nazi Pope, Benedict XVI never cease to amaze me.  In addressing the sex abuse to Irish Catholics - the Church in Ireland is in a veritable free fall - Benedict said that the cause of the sex abuse was a mystery.    Actually, it's no mystery at all and the abuse of children and youths that occurred with an almost "droit de seigneur" attitude are the result of the deliberate policies of secrecy and denial implemented by and then perpetuated by Benedict XVI's and his predecessors.   And then there's the Vatican's obsession with sex and sexuality as things that are sinful and filthy.  The resulst of these policies and distorted views on sexuality left many tens of thousands of children and youths as hapless prey for predator priests.  Irish Central has highlights from the drivel put forth by Benedict XVI as to the "Mystery" that caused the sex abuse of children and youths: 

Pope Benedict has described clerical sex abuse as a mystery in an address to Irish Catholics.  The Vatican leader expressed his views via a broadcast at the Mass to close the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin.  Almost 80,000 mass goers at Croke Park on Sunday heard the Papal address.

Irish President Michael D Higgins and Prime Minister Enda Kenny were among the crowd at the final event of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress.  They heard the Pope say: “It is a mystery the fact that people who regularly received the Lord’s body and confessed their sins in the sacrament of Penance could abuse children.”

He added: “Evidently, their Christianity was no longer nourished by joyful encounter with Jesus Christ: it had become merely a matter of habit.”
Both Lez Get Real and Civil Commotion elaborate on the true cause of the scandal and the heinous abuse of minors.  First from Lez Get Real:
Perhaps it comes down to something that Terry Pratchett once wrote- “And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including yourself. That’s what sin is.” So many of the problems that face the Catholic Church is that they treat themselves and others as things rather than people. 
His description of decades of child abuse as a ‘mystery’ is likely to anger many Catholics even further. The comments came at the end of the of the Eucharistic Congress.
In a nation where the Church and the State were almost inseparable, attendance at Mass has declined badly and many Catholics are unwilling to attend any more. Benedict also stated that “Your forbears in the church in Ireland knew how to strive for holiness and constancy in their personal lives.”

Ironically, the Church has expunged many of the core saints and religious leaders that brought Christianity to Ireland including St. Brigid and St. Columncille. Part of the problem with those saints is that they did not bend knee to the Catholic Church, but, instead, practiced a form of Celtic Christianity that heavily blended Druidicism and Christianity.  The early Church was diverse, and allowed priests to marry and women to be priests.
Bob Felton is even more to the point at Civil Commotion:
It is not a mystery. Those poor priests grow-up hearing, from infancy, that sexual desire is a manifestation of Original Sin; that sex is dirty; that only whores enjoy sex … on and on. Why should anybody be surprised when desire is suppressed as a sign of individual evil and then expressed in unwholesome and destructive ways  .   .   .   .   The church created its freaks, and it will continue to create them until it revises its teachings.

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