Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Reflections

I spent the majority of my weekend with my new boy friend and had a wonderful time. Friday night we went and saw Mama Mia - it's a great movie, especially if one is an ABBA fan - and than we went to his gorgeous home in Hampton, Virginia. Hampton was founded in 1610 and is the oldest continuously occupied English settlement in the United States and it is located on the other side of Hampton Roads harbor from where I live. Saturday brought a relaxing morning, followed by a number of hours at the office and then last night we went to the TACT fundraiser at the Ocean View Pier I mentioned earlier in the week - the turn out was huge - and we both had a great time and danced under the stars (he's a great dancer, thank goodness since I love to dance). Today we had a leisurely day and spent the afternoon lazing by one of his friends' pool in another neighborhood in Hampton. The pool crowd was an interesting mix of straights and gays and was a very pleasant time.
As for my boy friend, I'm not sure how to describe him. First, he is blond and has green eyes and is a little shorter than me. He's not that much younger than me - four years younger in fact - but he has a very boyish look to him and a very sweet and playful heart. Oh, and he's very romantic. He treats me wonderfully and I am still getting used to feeling worthy of such attention and affection. I feel a real sense of peace when I am with him and hope that I give him the same feeling. I confessed to him that I am a little bit afraid. No one has ever seemed to treasure me so in a relationship and I truly do not want to be hurt again after my tumultuous last relationship. I'm trying to do what my former therapist lectured me to do - live in the moment and enjoy the wonder of his company and not let myself over think everything. As things play out I will come to know if he's truly "the one." So far, things are looking good and he is giving me much happiness. As I said, I hope that I can give him the same.


daveincleveland said...

really happy for you michael..hope things continue to grow

Java said...

How wonderful! I agree, live in the moment and don't overthink things too much. I'm so pleased for you.

Unknown said...


You went to see Mama Mia, went to his house, had a relaxing Saturday morning followed by A NUMBER OF HOURS AT THE OFFICE, and Saturday night went to a fundraiser.

Uh, Michael, what's wrong with this picture ??

I'm glad you have a hopeful beau ... need I say more ?

Unknown said...

PS: slap !