Thursday, August 28, 2008

Delicate Sensibilities

Apparently, this blog offends the delicate sensibilities of some members of HRBOR and the Equality Virginia Legends Gala committee and some have demanded that the content of the blog be changed. In particular, it has been said that all "eye candy" photos must go. As regular readers know, this blog is very important to me and it has brought me unique and extremely valued friendships. I will not have my personal life and thoughts censored by the dictates of others. I spent nearly 30 years being controlled by an ex-wife for whom nothing I ever did was good enough and others who likewise tried to control and monitor my life and/or make me unhappy with myself or stiffle my ideas. Those days are over.
I have already edited out or deleted posts that referenced the Legends Gala (except for this one) and over the next few days I will be deleting all posts about HRBOR events and/or my involvement in HRBOR. No promotion of these organizations or their events will hence forth appear on this blog. The male beauty photos will remain.
I have also added a disclaimer pertaining to the opinions and content of the blog on the column at right making it clear that the views and content of this blog are solely attributable to me, the blogger.


Unknown said...


It's unfortunate that you've had to delete the references but it does show that the fight must go on. I think you've also made the correct decision. If your eye candy is so offensive to some folks that they don't want to be associated with your blog then you don't need them.

Once more it only shows how important it is that all of us do everything we can to make sure that the religious Republican hold on America is broken this November.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Say what?

As a non resident, I only heard of HRBOR thru your blog.

So much for my comments about HRBOR being a great organization.


Java said...

I've always understood that this is your private blog. I know you support HRBOR and are an active member. But you are not HRBOR. HRBOR is not you.

Glad the blog stays the same. And you know I'm glad the eye candy stays. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the ruckus a few can cause. Good for you! If they are offended then why do they read your personal blog? I feel that your blog is well balanced with many of your interest represented. Afterall, this isn't THEIR blog. I'm sure you will emerge unscathed and victorious!

Anonymous said...

It's all that subliminal html coding.

Give it up, Michael; the cat's out of the bag.

Honestly, que cohones tienen.

We got a bunch of people who do nothing except to shout at the rain and blame gays for everything that has gone personally wrong in their lives but it's soft core erotica on a blog that concerns them more.


Editor said...

Hi, Michael!

Sorry to hear that some people have objected to your eye candy posts. I receive that complaint constantly. In fact, many of the major sites refuse to link for that very reason. There seems to be a pecking order that only certain sites are deemed "serious" and worthy of link currency. As NG has already noted, much of what you post about is local and you bring awareness to topics that might never have been covered elsewhere. Keep up the good work!



Editor and Publisher

VaB251 said...

As you know, Michael, I don't care for the male beauty component of your blog. For me, it detracts more than it adds. I don't read your blog for titlation, I read it for news and your point of view. The juxtapostion of the male beauty pictures and your articles is like trying to have a serious discussion while a pride parade goes by.

However, I fully support your decision to renounce censorship. This is simply because it is your blog.

Mimi said...

Hi Michael,
Dyke lurker here, I'm not much into your eye candy either, doesn't do much for me, if you know what I mean. I do however know how to use a scroll button, and do so.
Good for you, keeping true to your self and your blog.
Your male beauties, even to this dyke are just that, beautiful. They do not detract from what you write.
Take care, Mi

Unknown said...

Such a shame.

This has been a great promotion vehicle for HRBOR & Equality Virginia.

Remember what I said in a comment in one of your earlier postings when I wrote about the LGBT community emploding ?

Too bad you had to decide between the two, but I would have made the same choice.

If my advertisers had a problem with postings on one of my blogs about LGBT news (along with mainstream news), the LGBT news would stay and the advertisers would go.

Lyndon Evans

Artlyn Entertainment

Michelle said...

This is ridiculous.

It is a personal blog. Emphasis on the PERSONAL.

The eyecandy pics are great but I also read the other stuff. I've had more revealing (and offensive) pictures on MY blog/s!

Stay true to yourself and don't let others dictate how you should behave.