Monday, August 25, 2008

Successful Fund Raiser

The fundraiser for TACT - the Tidewater AIDS Crisis Taskforce - Saturday night was hugely successful with a turn out of perhaps 300 attendees and significant funds were collected to support this worthwhile non-profit organization. The weather was great with a cooling breeze sweeping in off of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. What is equally exciting about the pier party fundraisers (there have been three this summer) is that they have also provided a wonderful venue for other LGBT related organizations to interact and hopefully in time work more in concert with one another to wield more influence throughout this relatively backwards area. The photos above give a flavor of the event and I am pictured below - second from left - with friends. Also well represented were officers and members of Hampton Roads OUTreach Center’s (HROC) which is working to develop a LGBTQ community center for Hampton Roads. A number of other LGBT and LGBT friendly organizations were likewise well represented.


Anonymous said...

Damn dude, what's with the open shirt?


You look great!

Anonymous said...

And who's the guy in the loud blue shirt?