Sunday, June 28, 2015

The 11-Year-Old Who Rocked Hampton Roads Pride Block Party

I will be posted photos shortly from yesterday's PrideFest event which unfortunately had to close early due to violent thunderstorms that moved into the area halfway through the event. However, a friend on the Pride Board just shared this Youtube video that I found very touching.  What is ironic is that at one point, we were dancing close to him.  He was having a ball.  This is his mother's post that goes with the video:
My son Quin is 11, he has Asperger Syndrome and has been bullied for being different. When he heard we were going to the Pride Block Party at the Scope Center, here in Norfolk, Virginia, to celebrate the passage of national equal marriage he asked to come. "I relate to not being accepted, bullied and having to not be who you really are," he said. "I'm happy the law is changed. I'm happy people can be who they really are and love who they really love. Let's party!"
And he sure did.
Quin's enthusism and happiness was shared by the thousands of others who were at the block party.  It was an amazing event.  There was far more joy and kindness towards others at the event than what you see in most church services, especially Southern Baptist services, I suspect.

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