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Ken Cuccinelli Shares Stage with Anti-Semite; Mark Obenshain Pals With Same BigotUp

Ralph Northam 9-17-2013
Tonight the boyfriend and I attended a fundraiser for Democrat Lt. Governor candidate (pictured above) at the home of Hampton Mayor Molly Ward.  One of the things that Northam stressed is that in today's competitive global economy in order to prosper Virginia needs to be welcoming to all citizens, gay and straight, male and female, black and white, minority member and white, etc.  He also said that the contrast between the GOP statewide ticket and the Democratic ticket on this issue could not be more different.  Underscoring this reality, Ken Cuccinelli shared the stage in Northern Virginia with a far right talk radio host who was making anti-Semitic jokes.  Not surprisingly, GOP Attorney General candidate Mark Obenshain was paling around with the same anti-Semitic bigot.  Virginians need to wake up to the just how extreme and divisive Ken Cuccinelli, "Bishop" Jackson, and Mark Obenshain are and just how damaging they would be to Virginia's image in America and the worldwide community.  The Washington Post looks at the open bigotry at the Northern Virginia event.  Here are highlights:

People brought yellow lawn chairs with the motto “Don’t tread on me,” and at least one tricorner hat was visible in the crowd. John Whitbeck, 10th Congressional District Republican Committee chairman, raised eyebrows when he kicked off the festivities by telling a joke in which the head of the Jewish religion presented the pope with a long, elaborate document that the Jewish leader said was a bill for the last supper.

The crowd laughed uproariously. But American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal political action committee, tweeted about Whitbeck’s “anti-Semitic” opener and the state Democratic Party later circulated a video of the joke.

Sen. David W. Marsden (D-Fairfax), in an interview before the rally, said the gathering was proof that Cuccinelli and his backers were out of step with a Virginia that had evolved into a swing state. Marsden said the definition of liberty promoted by Cuccinelli and tea party members leaves out homosexuals, women seeking abortions and others.  

“The degree of fear and paranoia and misinformation that comes out of the tea party, it’s just chilling,” Marsden said. 

As Blue Virginia reports, Democrat Attorney General candidate  Mark Herring quickly condemned the prejudice demonstrated by Cuccinelli and the his GOP/Tea Party extremists.  Here are highlights:

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring condemned inflammatory comments made by 10th District Republican Committee chairman John Whitbeck. Whitbeck – who has been a strong supporter of Mark Obenshain – made the offensive comments during a rally for Ken Cuccinelli. Herring released the following statement:.

“As a representative of Loudoun County, I have worked hard to foster an environment that is welcoming of people of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds. Mr. Whitbeck’s comments stand in stark contrast to those beliefs, and the efforts of so many in our community to promote acceptance.

“His comments were offensive, deplorable and a disgrace to Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Whitbeck needs to issue a public apology immediately for his statement, and every candidate on the Republican ticket should condemn these types of inflammatory comments.”

Naturally, if any apologies are forthcoming, they will be utterly insincere.  What one hears candidate say in their own intra-party gatherings and who they associate with tells the real story about their views and agenda, just as Mitt Romney's comments about "the 47%" said it all in the November 2012 presidential campaign.  The GOP statewide slate only cares about white, conservative far right Christians.  The rest of of us aren't "real Americans' and we are deemed as a problem to be criminalized, eradicated and or disenfranchised. The GOP ticket needs to be defeated and defeated badly on November 5th.
Obenshain and Anti-Semite John Witbeck

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