Friday, June 21, 2013

Quote of the Day - An "Ex-Gay" Survivor

I am extremely critical of conservative Christians because, in my view, most of them do not give damn about others.  Rather, it is all about these pious folks feeling good about themselves and destroying anyone and anything that challenges their simplistic beliefs and, God forbid, makes them have to think for themselves.  These "godly" folk destroy lives on a daily basis through the hate and poison they market.  They make the Biblical Pharisees look like nice folks.  Andrew Sullivan has a quote from a survivor of "ex-gay" therapy, one of the many heinous things the Christofascists would force on all gays:

Allow me a small victory dance. Thirty years ago this month I attempted suicide. I was 23 and had just finished a year of horrendous reparative therapy (including aversion therapy). Five years before that my first love killed himself because he couldn’t bear to have people know who he was. I went to my church leader, who subscribed to Exodus views, and he sent me to the hell that was reparative therapy. After a year of that, I was sure my church hated me my and family hated me, but most importantly, God hated me. The only solution was to end a life that was even despised by a loving God. I will not go into details of that attempt, but obviously I made it through. Many more have not.
In fact, I spent the ensuing three decades battling the demons forced on my by reparative therapy – and I won.
It was a decades-long battle, both personally and as a community, one that saw many lives destroyed. I am giving a victory cheer today for all my compatriots who didn’t make it to see this day. Their suffering has been repented of by the perpetrators. I am giving a small victory cheer for all the future young men and women who might not have to go through that hell because this organization will not exist any longer.
 The proponents of the e-gay myth and reparative therapy literally have blood on their hands.  Huffington Post has a series of articles that looks at the deaths caused by anti-gay propaganda and bullying here. Lives ruined and/or lost.  For what?  So some intellectually lazy individuals and bigots could engage in smug, self-congratulatory feigned piety?  Good riddance to Exodus International.

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