Monday, December 05, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Children Comes Truth

As even a casual readers of this blog have likely noted, I pretty much despise Michele Bachmann. Candidly, I think the woman is seriously mentally disturbed. Worse yet, while she runs around showing her ignorance she never misses an opportunity to slam same sex couples. Even as she herself is engaged in a ludicrous fraud of a marriage where she's married to a flaming, lisping queen who must indulge in all manner of homoerotic fantasies as he struggles to pretend he's straight. As noted in a post earlier today, it's folks like Bachmann who knowingly embrace ignorance rather than confront the fallacies of their so-called religious beliefs. Bachmann could be the poster child for self-chosen idiocy. Thus, it is only too enjoyable to see Bachmann twice a roughly a week get cut off at the knee caps by students who have figured out the truth on marriage - and "Marcia" Bachmann's fraudulent "ex-gay" clinics. The latest debacle for Bachmann was during a book signing. Watch her as she's told by an eight-year-old boy that his "mommy's gay but she doesn't need any fixing." It's truly delicious to see this purveyor of ignorance and hate being taken down a notch by a child:

As science and knowledge advance, you have to wonder what Bachmann is going to do as the Bible is shown to be increasingly in error about homosexuality, the existence of Adam and Eve, the Fall and much, much more. If anyone needs "fixing" it's Bachmann herself and the ever lisping "Marcia."

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