Sunday, December 04, 2011

It's Time Ad Continues to Go Viral

I wrote recently about the beautiful marriage equality ad out of Australia. An ad that underscores that - unlike what the Christianist hate merchants would have people believe - same sex relationships ARE based on love, mutual respect and, yes, commitment. It's an ad that truly needs to be aired over and over across all the United States, The clip below is from an interview with the actor that played the main gay character in this wonderful ad. I believe he gets it right in the interview and that long term, by opposing same sex marriage and basically defining themselves by hate and intolerance of others, the Christianist are hastening the long over due death of their version of Christianity. The larger question down the road will be whether or not they ultimately kill Christianity as a whole through their supposed zealous desire to protect it. My money is that they are ringing the death knell for Christianity. Is this a good thing? Sadly, probably so. Here's the clip:

Those who would like to see the ad aired in America can make donations here. Personally, I am way past tolerating being treated like a second class citizen simply so that psychologically dysfunctional individuals who have been brainwashed in Christianist hate can feel smug and superior about themselves.

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