Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Reflections

In general I hate observing my birthday and at my age I would much prefer to pretend it wasn't happening at all - it's hard being 39 over and over again. Also, by nature, I would rather give than receive gifts or be the center of attention. Today two of the best gifts I received were birthday wishes from my two daughters with plans to get together to observe my birthday over the weekend. And this morning, the boyfriend greeted me with two cards - one serious and one not - and beautiful flowers. Tonight after work I will be joining the boyfriend and a group of "the usual suspects" at a Thai restaurant for a birthday get together (this is a regular ritual among our gay circle of friends in Hampton). I'm sure it will be a fun and crazy event.
A great deal has happened since this time last year. I am now in a wonderful relationship that was just beginning a year ago and now have moved in with the boyfriend - who treats me better than any spouse/partner I have ever had. Financially, things remain a struggle - especially with the constant court nastiness with my former wife - but the firm has survived while many real estate operations have been forced to close.
Meanwhile, my circle of friends has continued to grow and through this blog and other advocacy activities I hope I am helping to make a difference for others in the LGBT community.


Unknown said...

Happy 39th!! I use birthdays like many use the New Year... It is a time to reflect and see what you have accomplished and overcome and a chance to start a new year off. It seems things are moving in the right direction for you and I am sure they will continue...keep up the good attitude and enjoy what you have got!! Happy Birthday!

ZIRGAR said...

Happy Birthday, sir!

Lyndon Evans said...

Happy Birtherday ! O's & X's (:-p