Monday, August 10, 2009

Yah Yah Brotherhood/Sisterhood Dinner

Yesterday's round 2 of family reunion weekend went off well and again I felt accepted as the "boyfriend" by my partner's mother's family. The event was held at the hunting cabin near the top of a mountain that provided a panoramic view across the valleys below - much like in the photo above. Also attending the reunion was the boyfriend's cousin and her partner of 25+ years. In talking, it was both noteworthy and sad hearing how much more difficult it is for her to be who she is in the rural/conservative area of Southwestern Pennsylvania as compared to our home in Tidewater Virginia (which is not exactly a hotbed of liberalism). I truly enjoyed the event.
The finale of the reunion weekend was a dinner hosted last night by the owners of the Inn at Georgian Place for the LGBT guests who have come to the area to attend family reunions. We had four gay couples and one lesbian who attended and enjoyed each others' company and wit and humor. They refer to the event as the "Yah Yah Brotherhood Dinner" since a number of the attendees have been coming for years and the dinner provides an annual opportunity to reconnect after all the reunion gatherings are over. One of the attendees - Douglas - is the individual who loans us his apartment in the West Village when we go to New York City as we did last January (he and his partner live north of Philadelphia and he uses the apartment in NYC only a few days per week).
All and all, it was a terrific weekend and I am glad that I went - even if we had to head out at the crack of dawn to drive back to Virginia.

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