Sunday, August 10, 2008

Log Cabin Republicans Launch 'No on Prop 8' Campaign

In general, I view the Log Cabin Republicans somewhat akin to Jews voluntarily working for the Nazi Party and perhaps the SS in particular. Why would one do that given what the GOP has become? One would have to be either a self-hating masochist or utterly delusional. I just do not get it. I quit the party a number of years ago even before power and control of the GOP had become centered with the knuckle draggers of the Christian Right. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to read that the Log Cabin Crowd are actually going to do something to oppose Proposition 8 and thereby incur further slings and arrows from their Christianist masters who control the Party. Here are some highlights from LAist:
The Log Cabin Republicans rolled out a new website last Friday called Republicans Against 8. roposition 8, which will appear on this November's ballot, seeks to eliminate same sex marriages in California, which have been legal since June. A statement from the group said their "message to California Republican voters is simple: 'Opposing Proposition 8 is the conservative thing to do.'"
But how is this the conservative thing to do? "Marriage is a personal decision. It's not up to the long arm of the government of when, where and whom you should get married to," explained Scott Schmidt of Republicans Against 8 campaign in a phone interview with LAist (you may recognize his name from the blog, Boi From Troy). The fundamental Republican beliefs, he explained, are personal responsibility, limited government and individual liberty.
I agree that GOP beliefs once upon a time were as described by Mr. Schmidt, but not any more. The Christianists want to control every aspect of one's life sexually and to force everyone to live per the extreme Christianist religious beliefs/delusions.

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