Monday, August 11, 2008

Incorrigible Angel - Part 4

I spoke twice today with my incorrigible angel, something that always brightens my day and touches my heart. He continues to worry about others rather than himself notwithstanding the terribly arduous trials that he is undergoing at present. His selflessness and love for me is amazing and so touchingly inspiring. It is also maddening to me because I want to be able to give to him my love, support and strength which are but meager reflections of the faith, support and love that I have received so generously from him. He has consistently seen worth and merit in me and impishly laughs as he tells me that I'm his Peter Pan - yes, I will concede that I never want to grow up (my birthday is tomorrow as if I needed yet another reminder that time marches on).
In short, I want to do anything and everything that I can to be as supportive to this loving soul and friend as possible in these times of trials. Despite his trials, he expresses concerns that he doesn't want to bother me or make me feel bad. That perhaps he should talk to me less since I am so busy. That he wishes he could do more to make my birthday special. What does one do with someone so gentle and loving and selfless who wants nothing in return? Why can't he see the wonder he has given me and brought into my life? How does one touch an angel? Would that I could do so much more and make this all pass and leave him at peace and touched with joy and happiness. Incorrigible angel, my constant love, thoughts and prayers are with you and always will be. Just knowing that you'll be thinking of me will make my birthday very, very special.

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