Saturday, August 16, 2008

Larry King’s Family Blames School for Murder

As a number of sources are reporting, the adoptive parents of Lawrence King are blaming his school for his death and I sincerely hope that this, combined with the "blame the victim" defense that is likely to be mounted by Brandon McInerney's defense attorney do not obscure the real cause of Larry's murder: homophobia and the endless anti-gay jihad by Christianists. But for the constant anti-gay message that seeks in essence to dehumanize LGBT citizens and depict us as diseased or enemies of society, Larry would likely be alive today. The answer is not to force young gays to stay closeted, but to end the message of hate that creates the mindset where killing gays is in the last analysis acceptable. All legitimate medical and mental health experts say homosexuality is not a choice and in fact is "normal" for a percentage of the population and the Christianists need to be condemned for the hate-filled bigots that they are. Would that the media had some balls and guts and would take them on. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Don Wildmon, Benedict XVI, et al, are in some ways just as guilty of Larry's murder as Brandon McInerney. Here are some highlights from
(Oxnard, California) The parents of 15-year-old Larry King say he would never have been killed if the school had enforced the dress code. King was fatally shot in February by another student in an Oxnard school. The King family is suing the Oxnard school district claiming its failure to enforce the dress code led to King’s death. King reportedly wore feminine clothing and makeup to school. The suit seeks unspecified damages.
Last week, 14-year-old Brandon McInerney pleaded not guilty to killing King. McInerney is charged as an adult with first degree murder and a hate crime for the Feb. 12 shooting. McInerney faces 51 years to life without the possibility of parole if convicted. King was shot in the head during a morning class. More than 20 other students were in the room at the time.
McInerney’s attorney also has suggested that some of the blame for the murder must rest with the school. He told the Los Angeles Times earlier this year that while the school allowed King to explore his sexuality, it did nothing to quell the unrest among other students.

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