Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday Retrospective

Candidly, yesterday was one of the best birthdays I have had in quite sometime even though the day was incredible hectic at the office. After that I had quiet dinner with a new romantic interest at his house.
Throughout the day I received sweet birthday messages and greetings, including a wonderful song and uniquely delivered messages from my incorrigible angel (who I spoke with as well), Dave, a blogger friend in Cleveland, who sang me a nice rendition of "Happy Birthday," Magic Bellybotton, a card/quiz from Lyndon, telephone calls from my children and siblings, and many more birthday tidings. In addition, I had a surprise birthday cake both from my staff. There were still more delectable sweets after dinner with my special someone.
Speaking of my special someone, the saying goes that you will find Mr. Right when you're not looking for him. In the case of these sweet individual, I am taking things slow out of an abundance of caution. However, it seems that the saying is true. I neither expected nor was looking for someone to unexpectedly appear out of nowhere as it were. What's even more uncanny are the parallels between my experience and the storyline being told by Michael at Gaytwogether in his "Michael's Daily Diary" series for those of you who may have been reading that blog. I do not remember when - at least in recent years - I have been made to feel so special and have been treated so wonderfully. Dinner last night was a perfect culmination of a wonderful day. It feels so nice and I only hope that I can give him a similar sense of tenderness, appreciation and wonder.


Unknown said...

Good things eventually come around.

That's why we must endure the bad times even when it seems hopeless.

See what you would have missed if you had accomplished what you tried to do several years ago in the darkest days.

If only we had a crystal ball to see the future, then those who gave up may have held on.

Java said...

Ah! I'm so pleased for you!!