Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain Takes Money From Manhunt Site Owner

UPDATED: also has a story on this matter which can be found here. Personally, I am waiting for the fundies to demand that McCain return the money.
LOL. The wingnuts will be going nuts on this one if they get wind of it. Imagine, John McCain - a newly minted supporter of family values - taking money generated from a web site facilitating gay sexual hook ups and meetings for potential gay relationships. Daddy Dobson will be soiling his pants or worse. Me, I love it and hope McCain will make more gaffes like this one. Meanwhile, I hope some of the paying subscribers will cancel their accounts on Manhunt. As for the owners of Manhunt, I don't know how any rational, self-respecting gay can support McCain, particularly now that McCain is trying to pander to the Christianists. Here are some highlights from Towleroad:
It appears John McCain has accepted the maximum individual campaign donation from the owner of America's largest gay sex hook-up website.
As for the potential fall out for Crutchley and his gay sex site, The Edge has the following comments:
Glenn is an American expatriate living in South America who has just subscribed for three months to Manhunt in his present country. But he now may renege. "I hate the fact that my $30 will be going towards supporting McCain’t... I am going to cancel my membership, join Gayday," he wrote in an email. What has Glenn--and a lot of other Manhunt customers--hopping mad is the support for Republicans, and presidential nominee John McCain in particular, by one of the two founders of the site. Jonathan Crutchley has given the maximum for an individual to McCain’s campaign. And he has been publicly unapologetic about it.
It remains to be seen how many of the men vowing to quit the site actually do so. EDGE made calls to Manhunt’s spokesperson, who explained that Crutchley was unavailable at press time.

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Anonymous said...

Well let's see, we have ex-gays who whore themselves out to religious groups claiming they've prayed away their gay. We have a bunch of guys who call themselves log cabin republicans.

So why not a guy who runs a porn site?

A gay XXX content provider donating money to a man who represents a political party that wants to make what he does illegal.

Makes sense to me, I don't know why it doesn't to anyone else.

In fact, it makes about as much sense as the guy who claims he was molested by priests running profiting in gay porn sites.

What I'm particularly enjoying is how people are feigning outrage and saying they're boycotting Manhunt.