Thursday, June 02, 2016

Donald Trump Is Winning Because the Media Is Failing the American People

I have frequently lamented the manner in which the so-called mainstream media is failing to do its job.  The same type of failure allowed Bush/Cheney to lie and take America in an unnecessary war in Iraq that cause the circumstances that gave birth to ISIS.  Now, by largely kissing Donald Trump's very wide ass (that doesn't match is very small hands) and worrying more about creating sensation and page views, the same mainstream media is furthering Trump's campaign.  It never demands answers from him about is plan free agenda to make the changes he promises in his sound bites or asks the simple question "how?"  Likewise, other than bogus Trump University and his questioned veterans donations, there is far too little focus on Trump's sleazy and tawdry past dealings.  A piece in Huffington Post indicts the media on the manner in which it is failing the American people.  Here are excerpts:
[T]the rationale behind this refusal [of the media to do its job] is simple self-interest on the part of journalists who know that they can “ask any question about Trump, Trumpism or anti-Trumpism except the existential ones, because the existential ones could lead him to stop calling in to [their] morning show and providing [them] with [their] highest-rated hour for free.”
After outlining the absurd inability of the press to question Trump when he blatantly and repeatedly contradicts himself on the record, he relented in his criticism somewhat, acknowledging that it’s difficult to “examine what’s going on inside of a man who could first pretend to be his own media spokesman, then boast about his own sexual conquests in the third person, then admit the deception to a reporter, then again admit it on the legal record, then deny it on national television, then when pressed about it by The Washington Post simply hang up the phone.”
With their own jobs hanging in the balance, who in the American media of 2016 could invoke not the politics of reproductive rights but question if there’s something far more than inconsistency involved when a candidate says he believes women who have abortions should be in some way punished, then weeks later insists he meant they should punish themselves? Or in that environment, who can ask not about religious intolerance but instead what is amiss with the thought process of a candidate whose campaign pivoted from the fringes to a hateful lane in the mainstream the day he insisted Muslims be banned from entering this country, yet who could manage to later seriously claim all that was “just a suggestion”…

The mainstream media betrayed the American people in the lead up to the Iraq War and it truly seems to be doing the same thing - all with no regard for what a Trump presidency would do towards destroying America.  

PS, I also cannot refrain from yet again condemning the evangelical Christians who are supporting Trump.  If their claimed beliefs and religiosity are real - as opposed to modern day Pharisee displays of hypocrisy - they ought to be running screaming from Trump.

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