Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Randy Forbes' Dishonest Political Ad

German rescuer from the humanitarian organisation Sea-Watch holds a drowned migrant baby, off the Libyan cost May 27, 2016. The baby, who appears to be no more than a year old, was pulled from the sea after a wooden boat capsized last Friday. (Christian Buettner/Eikon Nord GmbH Germany/Handout via REUTERS)

Randy Forbes is busy spending his campaign war chest on television ads in advance of the Republican primary to determine who will be the GOP nominee for the Virginia 2nd congressional district race.  One ad I find particularly offensive and dishonest.  It starts out with all the usual GOP touches: Forbes on a front porch with an American flag in the background.  He then proceeds to talk about Islamic terrorists "coming to get you" and then promises that he will stop them.

The ad plays on fear and, sadly, the mindlessness of many in the GOP base.  The most dishonest thing, however, is Forbes' claim that he will stop the terrorists.  Forbes has had years in Congress to do something, yet has no signature legislation to his name unless one counts resolutions pandering to far right Christian extremists that are an affront to the concept of freedom of religion in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Other than drawing a nice salary and perks that Forbes deeply enjoys - the reason Forbes is running as a carpetbagger candidate in the 2nd district -  Forbes has no reason to run for reelection.  He has no plan and has nothing from his past years in Congress to suggest that he will do anything but remain a extreme back bench seat warmer.  It would be difficult for Forbes' opponent, Scott Taylor, do do less than Forbes has done over the years in Congress.

The second portion aspect of the ad that is repulsive is Forbes' message that all Muslims - including the drowned child above - are would be terrorists.  Hand in hand with this is Forbes' callousness towards other humans  "created in the image of god" if you believe Forbes' feigned religiosity.  Other than being an extreme homophobe, virulently anti-abortion, and yearning to make America a Christian theocray with his form of Christian Sharia law, Forbes seemingly cares nothing for the Gospel message.  

Residents of the 2nd district need to give Forbes the boot and let someone else have the nomination and see if they can do more than Forbes has done.  It certainly would not take much.  It's time to send Randy Forbes into political retirement.

Disclaimer: I have known Randy Forbes since law school, and, in my opinion, he has become more extreme and less representative of Hampton Roads with every passing year.

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