Friday, October 07, 2011

Help Skew the "Value Voters Summit" Poll

The coven of theocrats and hate merchants at the toxic "Values Voter Summit" are running a poll on the issue of what are the most important issues facing the nation. Naturally, the unemployment rate and the stalled economy don't appear on the Christianist radar screen. Nor do items like health care for the unemployed and uninsured - Jesus' message on helping the poor and the sick has been excised from the Christianist version of the Gospels (actually, the Gospels are ignored and select Old Testament passages justifying violence, hate and the slaughter of others seem to be all that these folks dwell upon). Please vote in the poll to show that most rational people disdain the Christofascist agenda. Vote here.

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Anonymous said...

I went over and voted (for Education)...anyway, here are the results as of my vote:
6% Abortion
2% Protecting One Man One Women Marriage
6% Repealing Obamacare
1% Permanent Tax Relief for Families
3% Protecting Religious Liberty
8% Government Spending
1% Immigration
4% Education
2% National Security
3% Passing a Balanced Budget Amendment
64% Other

So it would appear that other things, not mentioned in the poll, are more important than the ones we tend to care about on a social level.

Peace <3