Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Black Marylanders Don't Get the Message that Equality Is a Two Way Street

Odds are that I will offend some folks with my following comments, but I believe that what I am saying needs to be said because I am EXTREMELY over the double standards: If African Americans want others outside their community to support their civil rights, then they need to take off the blinders of religious based bigotry and support the full equality of others. Why do I say this? Because a new Maryland Poll shows that blacks are overwhelmingly against marriage equality for same sex couples - many of whom are stridently supportive of African-American civil rights. Sadly, Maryland African-American want others to fight for them even as they kick others to the curb and act as water carriers for the anti-gay whites whose ancestors supported slavery and the Jim Crow laws. Frankly, I am personally about done giving a damn about black civil rights. If they want to get in bed with our common enemies, then let them reap what they sow. Here are highlights from the new polling results:

Among Maryland voters today, 48% would favor (38% “strongly” favor and 10% “somewhat” favor) a law in Maryland allowing same-sex couples to marry, “giving them the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples in areas such as tax exemptions, inheritance and pension coverage,” while 49% would oppose (39% “strongly” oppose and 10% “somewhat” oppose) such a law, and 3% offered no opinion.

The results by party and race: FAVOR OPPOSE

Democrats: 64% favor - 32% oppose
Republicans: 20% favor - 79% oppose
Independents: 47% favor - 51% oppose
White: 51% favor - 46% oppose
African-American: 41% favor - 59% oppose

Perhaps I am being harsh, but if blacks want LGBT support on their causes, I expect reciprocity. This is the 21st century and the day of blindly (and in my view ignorantly and stupidly) following the dictates of homophobic bigots in church pulpits should be long over. If these people refuse to support LGBT citizens, then I'm not going to lift a finger for their causes.

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