Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tea Party Ignorance

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The ignorance and stupidity of the Tea Party crowd is truly breath taking at times as illustrated by the photo above which has been notated to indicate the many things that government - funded through taxes, of course - does for society. While the Tea Party rails against taxes, nowhere do they ever explain how they think infrastructure and utilities are going to come from if taxes are eliminated or reduced to nothing. Candidly, instead of the signs they are brandishing, they ought to be carrying signs that read "I'm a freaking Moron" or "I'm severely mentally challenged."


Palgrave said...

I will grant that many Tea Party members are ignorant but they are referring to federal taxes being cut, and what is pointed out in the photo as being paid for by taxes were paid for by, local and state taxes and in the case of the power lines by a utility company which more than likely is for profit corporation.

Jack Scott said...

Sorry Michael, but the Tea Party doesn't have a monopoly on "stupid."

I listened to an interview of an 18 year old young lady who is one of the current protesters on Wall Street. She didn't have a clue about the present government or anything that it does or does not do.

The only thing she could say over and over and over were that there were hungry children in the U.S. and Wall Street millionaires were getting million dollar bonuses.

She had not a clue that if the government confiscated every dime Wall Street traders make, there would still be hungry children in the U.S.

The young woman wants to be a doctor, by the way. She would be opposed, she said, to the government deciding how much of her money it was going to take to give to hungry children.

The liberals have their own poster children.

Jack Scott