Wednesday, October 05, 2011

European Adventure

A week from this Friday the boyfriend and I are headed to Barcelona, Spain, to embark aboard the Liberty of the Seas (pictured above) for a cruise around the Western Mediterranean stopping in the ports of Toulon and Nice, France; Livorno (the port of Florence), Rome and Naples, Italy, and then back to Barcelona. If any readers have recommendations and suggestions, please drop me an e-mail. We will be traveling with another gay couple and another couple and have some general ideas of what we will do in each port, but suggestions are always welcome.

In addition to being a much needed get away, the trip is my way of thanking the boyfriend for all the love and support that he has given to me over the last 3+ years. As longer term readers know, that time period has not been without some major drama. Internet access aboard ship is a bit pricey, but I will try to blog some during the cruise each day and, of course, I will be in e-mail contact with the law office daily.

Again, drop me recommendations via the e-mail on my profile.

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Anonymous said...

Michael, If I can you online while you're on the cruise, I'm taking away your blog away for a whole month.