Monday, August 01, 2011

Quote of the Day - Andrew Sullivan on "Ex-Gays"

Personally, I view self-described "ex-gays" as just slightly less foul that full blown anti-gay Christianists. Why one might ask? Because they are selling other gays out to extremists rather than face their own very f*cked up psychological issues which typically stem from religious based brain washing that results in volumes of self-hate. Yes, I spent years in the closet trying to be straight but I never once sought to inflict my own religion based demons on anyone else much less make a living aiding and abetting hate merchants of the Christianist right. In a post today, Andrew Sullivan had a spot on comment on whether "ex-gays" exist:
The vast majority of "ex-gays," in my view, are not ex-gay in any internal sense; except if their inability to accept their true nature is so overwhelming that they'd rather live as tortured heteros than marginalized homos. They can do it, of course, and it should emphatically be their choice. But in many cases, it will come at enormous personal and human cost.
If one wants to delude them self into pretending they are "ex-gay" that's their prerogative. However, the moment they try to disseminate the "ex-gay" liar for use by Christianists (and worse yet in exchange for a pay check), they become fair game for exposure as frauds and hypocrites.

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