Monday, August 01, 2011

NYT: More Faces of Norway Victims - Meanwhile, Pam Geller Justifies Breivik’s Terror

The perverse moral sickness of the far right is becoming increasingly clear in my view. Even as the New York Times has a new interactive page that shows photos and information on the victims of Anders Breivik horrific rampage the vast majority are under 20 years of age and some as young as 14), anti-Muslim far right extremist Pam Geller (picture with Virginia douche bag Eric Cantor) is braying that Breivik's rampage was justified because she says the camp is part of an anti-Israel “indoctrination training center.” To supposedly support her unfounded claim, Geller posted a picture on her blog of the youth camp children Breivik targeted with the caption “Note the faces which are more Middle [sic] Eastern or mixed than pure Norwegian.” The photo can be found here. A cursor view of the Linkfaces assembled by the New York Times makes it clear that Geller's an even bigger liar than she is a bigot. In her sick world - and that of many of today's GOP base - if one's skin isn't white and one's faith not deemed Christian, one's life is worthless and expendable. It is a frightening reality of how hate filled the far right has become. Here are highlights of what Think Progress reported on this morally bankrupt bigot and hate merchant:
Popular hate blogger Pam Geller has received scrutiny in recent days as the public became aware that the right-wing terrorist in Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, had praised her blog and thoroughly cited her writing in his political manifesto. After a number of blogs made the connection, as well as the New York Times, the Atlantic, and other major outlets, Geller became incensed and began lashing out at her critics.
In a post defending herself yesterday, Geller — who has called Obama “President Jihad” and claimed that Arab language classes are a plot to subvert the United States — reached a new low. Geller justifies Breivik’s attack on the Norwegian Labour Party summer youth camp because she says the camp is part of an anti-Israel “indoctrination training center.” She says the victims would have grown up to become “future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives including violent gang rapes, with impunity, and who live on the dole.”
To get her point across, Geller posts a picture of the youth camp children Breivik targeted. The picture was taken on the Utøya island camp about 24 hours before Breivik killed over 30 children, so it is likely Geller is mocking many of the victims. Under the picture, Geller writes: “Note the faces which are more MIddle [sic] Eastern or mixed than pure Norwegian.”
Could Geller’s outburst of smears be a distraction against mounting evidence that she might have communicated with Breivik in the past? A post from Geller in 2007 reprints a reader-submitted letter in which an anonymous Norwegian complains of Muslim immigration and boasts that he is “stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment.”
And she is not the only leading conservative to rationalize Breivik’s beliefs and actions. Pat Buchanan wrote a column recently arguing that “Breivik may be right.” On his radio show, Glenn Beck said the youth camp Breivik targeted, which could be compared to the College Democrats or other mainstream political organizations, reminded him of “Hitler Youth.”

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thankyou for running this the day of Gifford's return to Washington.
These people are responsible for this violence, gone are the days they had the decency to be cowards and only show their shoes under white sheets.