Saturday, August 06, 2011

Christianists Still Shrieking Over DADT Repeal

Tortured, self-loathing closet case Robert Knight is so hysterical over the repeal of DADT repeal that one can't help but wonder if he'll wet himself or go into a convulsion. Knight and I had multiple e-mail exchanges some years back and the guy is simple "too hysterical" on the issue of homosexuality if you get my drift. Add to that the fact that he's a pathological liar when in comes to anti-gay batshitery - he admitted in one e-mail to me that his statements on a particular topic were not true yet not two days later he was disseminating the exact same lies - and the only possible conclusion is that guy is a real piece of work in need of serious mental health care intervention. In a rant on OneNewsNow - a Christianist faux news site - Knight hyperventilates as follows:

"This is huge. This could have generational impact,” explains Knight. “And it can't stand. It will wreck our military. People of good conscience will have to leave the military and in fact many have already said they're going to."

"It was brought about with junk science, with a misrepresented survey that was leaked to the press for maximum effect -- and that ought to be investigated. In fact, that's one thing Republicans could do right now is to call for hearings into the misuse of that survey of U.S. personnel and see how the results were slanted," says the family advocate.
News bulletin to Knight and the readers of OneNewsNow: the only junk science being peddled is that disseminated by OneNewsNow and Mr. Knight. And yes, DADT repeal will have a generational impact as the younger generation is influenced by accurate knowledge on the issue sexual orientation as opposed to religious based bigotry and Christianist hysteria. All of which will not bode well for Knight, et al, as their market of Kool-Aid drinkers continues to shrink. Knight might do well to hook up with "Marcia" Bachmann and come over from the dark side.

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