Sunday, October 03, 2010

Apples and a Gay Bar in Charlottesville

In addition to the wedding over the weekend, we worked in visits with my family that included a trip to Carter's Mountain Orchard located off of the road to Monticello, Michie Tavern, Ash Lawn, and several wineries. The orchard is worth a visit if for no other reason that to enjoy the view - the photo above gives an idea of how spectacular it is on a clear day. For readers who have never visited the Charlottesville area, I recommend it. The amount of historical points of interest and magnificent scenery provide a host of things to do.
Another discovery we made this trip was a restaurant/bar named Escafé located on the Downtown Mall across from the beautiful ice rink and Omni Hotel. It's Charlottesville's gay bar, if you will, and offers a very different experience from 216, an after hours club that caters to gays and a cross section of residents from the area. The crowd and wait staff were very friendly and we even ran into a couple that we know from the Equality Virginia Commonwealth Dinners held in Richmond each year. We stopped by Escafé after the wedding reception for a "nightcap" - as if we needed another drink. It's the type of establishment that I wish we had in downtown Hampton or the Phoebus area of the city.

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