Tuesday, October 05, 2010

KKK Comes to Defense of Anti-Gay Jenifer Keeton

I have previously written about Jennifer Keeton (pictured at left), a Kool-Aid drinking Christianist, who was expelled from her graduate program for her refusal to Augusta State University in Georgia based on her refusal to work with LGBT clients and to participate in practicums involving such patients. Likewise, I have often mentioned a number of times the latent racist message that permeates most "family values" and self-described Christian organizations - e.g., Family Research Council, The American Family Association, Focus on the Family, and her in Virginia, The Family Foundation - who attack gays openly but equally hate minorities when ones reads between the lines. Now, the fusion of these two examples of bigotry comes to the fore as the Klu Klux Klan announces that it will be staging a protest in support of Keeton. The message is that "family values" equals anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Hispanic and, of course, anti-non-Christian. The Augusta Chronicle has details. Here are highlights:
The Ku Klux Klan will hold a rally in support of an Augusta State University counseling student who claims her First Amendment rights were violated when the school ordered her to learn more about the homosexual community.
Bobby Spurlock, the imperial wizard knighthawk and grand dragon of South Carolina and North Carolina, said today the group has met with school officials and plans to protest the school’s treatment of 24-year-old Jennifer Keeton. The protest will be Oct. 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. They will be in full dress and located across from the school’s main Walton Way entrance in the median at Fleming Avenue.
Keeton sued the university in July because she felt she was not allowed to retain her biblical viewpoints and remain a graduate student. The remediation plan required that Keeton attend counseling workshops, read counseling journals regarding gays and to increase her exposure to the gay community.
A federal court upheld the university's expulsion of Keeton and rejected her whining that her religious freedom had been denied.

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Carole said...

Divine justice, having her view supported by the KKK! She gets what she deserves.

Keeton, see if you can live that down during the rest of your life!