Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yet Another Faux Christian Martyr - Jennifer Keeton

It looks like there may be another Carrie Prejean out to use false allegations of anti-Christian prejudice to boost her celebrity. This time the self-made martyrdom is taking place at Augusta State University in Georgia. One Jennifer Keeton, a graduate student in the school of counseling, is claiming that she was persecuted and threatened with expulsion if she did not sacrifice her religious beliefs and complete a remediation plan that includes diversity sensitivity workshops. Ms. Keeton has been most vocal in braying her view that homosexuality is "immoral and a lifestyle choice." Frankly, if those are Keeton's views, she needs to be expelled from a program that would giver her a graduate degree and unloose her on an unsuspecting public. EVERY legitimate medical and mental health association holds that homosexuality is NOT a choice, is not changeable and the APA has condemned ex-gay therapy as unethical. If Ms. Keeton wants to be a licensed professional in this field, she needs to embrace scientific knowledge or find a different area of endeavor where she will not be likely harming patients. Personally, I am way over supposed professionals wrapping themselves in ignorant religious based bigotry and then playing the martyr. Here are highlights from the Atlanta Constitution:
A graduate student has filed a lawsuit accusing Augusta State University officials of violating her constitutional rights by ordering her to change her views opposing homosexuality.
Jennifer Keeton, a graduate student in the school of counseling, says in her court filing that the school threatened to expel her if she didn't complete a remediation plan that includes diversity sensitivity workshops. Keeton had said in and out class that, according to her Christian beliefs, homosexuality is immoral and a lifestyle choice, according to her suit.
Keeton is represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, a coalition of Christian attorneys. The suit accuses Augusta State officials of violating Keeton's First Amendment rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion.
Keeton, who is pursuing a master's degree in the education college's counseling program, was told her beliefs are incompatible with the prevailing views of the counseling profession, her attorneys said in a news release. The lawsuit argues those beliefs would not affect Keeton's ability to counsel gays and lesbians.
The defense fund has filed similar lawsuits against Missouri State University and Eastern Michigan University.
There is no explanation as to why Keeton is in graduate school when a good Christian woman should be barefoot and pregnant and not working outside the home if her alleged religious beliefs were applied to their logical conclusion. Oh, and no word yet on whether Keeton has fake boobs or has made sex videos like Prejean.


Another Conservative American said...

How is she trying to "boost her fame" by wanting to be able to stay in school despite their objections to her exercise of her First Amendment rights? You're really reaching for a complaint here.

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

No, Jennifer Keeton is the ne reaching for a complaint. She enrolls in a course program that is supposed to follow ethical mental and mendical health protocals, yet wants to utterly disregard those protocals which the university is expected to respect. Hello! It looks like Ms. Keeton was looking for faux martyrdom.

Yet Another Conservative Christian claims that I am the one looking for a complaint. And what does Ms. Keeton think will happen to her license if she basically gives APA ethical standards the middle finger? Keeton, if she graduates, is a malpractice case waiting to happen.

Another Conservative American needs to look beyond her own religious extremism and realize how she practices her personal beliefs in her home and place of worship isn't unlimited when one ventures into certain professions and careers.